Action Required: Annual Xtend Shared Branching Updates & Policy Manual

Attention all Xtend Shared Branching Participants
Notice: Updated Policy Guide Effective June 1, 2017:

The Xtend Shared Branching Committee has updated the Shared Branching Policy Manual.  The changes made can be reviewed on the first page of the manual.  The
manual can be found on the Xtend Shared Branching web page.

You can click on the link, or copy and paste it into your browser, or simply navigate to the Xtend Shared Branching Reference Material Page.

Action Required: Annual Location and Contact Information Update – DEADLINE: June 15, 2017

As part of our annual verification process, we ask each Xtend Shared Branching Location to verify location & contact information once each year. To complete this task you must complete the Shared Branching Update Form. Even if your information is accurate, you do need to complete the form.

You can send location updates or contact updates to us year round by visiting the Xtend Shared Branching Marketing Page (Located Here).

Action! – Verify Location(s) & Contact Information. Here are the steps:

1)      Visit the following site:
2)      Click open the Xtend Shared Branching Brochure found on this site. Locate your credit union and verify the address(s) and location(s) within the brochure.
3)      Have changes? Need to add/delete a location? No changes needed at all? GREAT! Simply complete the form on the Shared Branching Marketing Materials Page. We will also need your credit union contact names. You can see the current contact names by visiting the following page:
4)      Submit! Deadline to submit updated information is June 15, 2017.

On July 6 you will be able to order your new brochures and posters for the 2017-2018 year. You will receive a notification email on that date.  We encourage you to wait until July 6 to order, as the new marketing material will not be available until that date.
Have further questions? Contact us at or call us at 616-285-5711 x 313.

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