Attention CUSOs! We Need Your Suggestions!


We’re asking you to send us 1-3 suggestions on how to improve our value
in 2018!

At a recent CFO Roundtable, one CEO made a comment that she could not
understand why we charged to support National Shared Branching outlets.  She thought
it should just be included and that it should be a cooperative buy and investment.

And in many cases we do make decisions not to charge for things because we should
walk the talk.  We decide to build things without additional fees, just to walk the talk.
We pull together and disrupt the status quo as a cooperative because that is what
cooperatives do!

So as I face preparing my comments for the June Leadership Conference, I would like
some ideas from you to consider.  When was the last time you looked at your invoice and
wondered why don’t these guys just throw stuff in free?!  Or in my base pricing? Or just
taken out of the dividends?  It is a no brainer! ”                             

                                                                                              -Randy Karnes, CEO

Help us disrupt the status quo!

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