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Pull Up a Seat for a Learning Café Session!


Join Megan Lewis and Cody Smith for a FREE Learning Café webconference where they will
discuss Opening and Closing Accounts.  Megan and Cody will cover how to open and close a new
account, how to add joint owners and beneficiaries, how to create sub-accounts, and how to handle
special circumstances.  A live Q&A session will be held during the webconference, to address
questions you might have regarding memberships.

Thursday, November 9

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM PT

Join Us for a FREE Education Express Webinar!


Tuesday, November 7

7:30 AM – 8:00 AM PT

This Month’s Focus

Marketing Team

Join Pete Meyers for an Education Express session on marketing services and
opportunities.  Pete will discuss the following products:

  • Cooperative Campaigns
  • Quarterly Contests
  • Newsletter Services

Don’t miss this FREE webinar!

Next Week in Xtend Webinars: Strengthen Relationships through Contact Center Service


Coming Up Next Week!

Each month, Xtend offers FREE webinars focused on lending, marketing, and member service; these engaging
webinars provide credit unions with helpful products, services, and industry tips to give them the leading edge.

Wednesday, October 25

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM PT

Contact Center Service – Strengthen Relationships One Conversation at a Time

Contact Center Services – Strengthen Relations One Conversation at a Time

Is your credit union looking for a more effective way to let members know about your products and services? Members
demand flexible and convenient ways to contact your credit union as well as ease and expediency when completing
tasks such as filling out loan applications. With the Xtend Contact Center, we offer SO many ways to reach out to
members, boost customer interaction and create easy ways to access credit union amenities. The Xtension Contact Center
has varying services available including custom call campaigns that you’re able to organize depending on your needs.
Among the Xtension Contact Center services are inbound member service calls, targeted outbound campaigns, web chat,
and others that will be discussed in the webinar!

Join us on October 25th to learn more about the many services our comprehensive Xtension Contact Center can offer you!

CU*NorthWest waives customer invoice fees in September

As CU*NorthWest, a 100% credit union owned cooperative CUSO, closed its fiscal year 2017 (ending 9/30/17), the CU*NorthWest board and management team evaluated the net profits of the firm and authorized the waiving of multiple fees for all September customer invoices.

CEO Greg Smith stated: “CU*NorthWest remains committed to the cooperative principles on which it was founded and is happy to continue demonstrating the difference as evidenced in this cost reduction to all customers. The board is dedicated to prioritizing the health of the entire CUSO and not just to stockholders. They take their responsibilities to all customer/owners very seriously and weigh the distribution of our firm’s returns carefully each year. Whether it is investing in keeping costs low, purchasing services for clients, or reducing costs by waiving fees, the board and management team remain devoted to ‘walking the talk.’”

CU*NorthWest Board Chair Chuck Papenfus, CEO of Inland Valley FCU, added: “We are grateful for the continual spirit of partnership and collaboration that has made CU*NorthWest into the cooperative CUSO it is today. As we work to evolve our own businesses for the future, CU*NorthWest is also making those transformations.”


CU*BASE GOLD 17.10 Coming Soon!

Mark your calendars for October 22, when you will receive CU*BASE
GOLD Version 17.10

Release Documents

Release Training

General Release Training

This training will provide an overview of all release enhancements.

Sign up for the session that best fits your schedule:

  • Thursday, October 19 from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM PT

Best Practice use of Accounts Payable 17.10 Release Training

This training will provide an overview of all release enhancements.

Sign up for the session that best fits your schedule:

  • Thursday, October 26 from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM PT

Reminder: GOLD Version Check

Following the release, if someone logs into a workstation that is not at the
proper version of GOLD (or the JWalk Client), the user will be instructed
to sign off. That workstation must be brought up to date before it can be
used to log into CU*BASE.

Service Interruption

As with all CU*BASE GOLD releases, there will be a brief service interruption
to It’s Me 247 Online Banking and CU*Talk phone banking on the day of the
release. A splash page will be presented in online banking informing members
of an estimated time when service will again be available.

Video of the Week: Touring the Home Page


Touring the Home Page

Do you have employees who are new CU*BASE users?  Check out this video for a quick
overview of the CU*BASE home page.  This video has been viewed 736 times!

Check out our entire collection of video tutorials in the

Show Me the Steps Video Library!

There’s Still Time to Register for this Week’s Webinars!


Coming Up This Week!

Each month, Xtend offers FREE webinars focused on lending, marketing, and member service; these engaging
webinars provide credit unions with helpful products, services, and industry tips to give them the leading edge.

Tuesday, October 17

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM PT

HTML eStatement Notification – Bring Your Brand into Your eStatement

Xtend presents the opportunity to turn your standard plain-text eStatement notification into an interactive, action
inspiring eStatement notification.  The eStatement notification doesn’t have to serve as simply a notification that
your member’s eStatements have been posted.  Xtend encourages you to take your marketing strategy to the next
level by using this opportunity as another way to effectively communicate promotions offered by your credit union.

Join us to learn how making the switch is easy and affordable!

Thursday, October 19

8:00 AM – 8:30 AM PT

Member Reach “A Deep Dive”

Ever wish you had an automated email sent to each new member when they join your credit union?  What about an
email to all members without a checking account with your credit union?

Join us as we take a deep dive into the details of the member reach program.  This webinar is geared toward current
member each client who would like to learn more about the program or brush up on their member each education.

CU*NorthWest to exhibit at the 2017 MAXX Conference

CU*NorthWest, the 100% credit union-owned cooperative CUSO, announced today that they will be attending the Washington, Oregon and Idaho Credit Union Leagues’ 2017 MAXX Conference in Spokane, Washington, as an exhibitor.

This is the first time all three states have combined their annual meeting. Elizabeth Evans, business development, will be in booth #30 representing CU*NorthWest. The tradeshow, which will be attended by more than 400 credit union professionals, will provide an opportunity for twelve-year-old CU*NorthWest to talk about the CUSO and the cooperative network behind the CU*BASE® software platform. Roughly a third of CU*NorthWest’s existing clients come from Washington/Oregon, and of which many will also be attending the two-day event.

Greg Smith, CEO of CU*NorthWest stated: “It’s fantastic to have three states coming together in one location. It’s a tremendous opportunity for everyone to be able to learn, network and collaborate. The financial industry has many new and evolving challenges and it’s important for credit unions to know what resources are available to help them navigate their way.”


Western Healthcare Employees FCU signs with CU*NorthWest

CU*NorthWest, the 100% credit union-owned cooperative CUSO, announced today that Western Healthcare Federal Credit Union in Concord, California, has signed a core data processing contract with CU*NorthWest, and is scheduled for conversion in April 2018. $41.5M Western Healthcare FCU was chartered in 1953 and currently represents approximately 3,500 members. CU*NorthWest is extremely pleased to be adding an additional California client.

Diana Michaels, CEO of WHFCU, said: “We needed a system that allowed integration with online banking, mobile banking, remote deposit capture, debit card processing and more. This solution also needed to provide new membership and loan application/signing/funding capabilities. CU*NorthWest was able to provide it all. The CU*NorthWest team has been fabulous to work with and we’re excited to start on this partnership journey.”


It’s Almost Time for a Dashboard Dive: Teller Activity Tools


Join Keegan Daniel, VP of Professional Services, for a Dashboard Dive!

These tools can be used to analyze teller activity for a certain period of time, and count audit
key transactions (transactions that hit the teller drawer).  Use this dashboard to specify
exactly which time blocks should be reported on the analysis, and select specific transaction
types for a detailed analysis.

Tomorrow, October 12

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT

Don’t forget: if you would like to help co-host one of our Dashboard Dive
sessions, you can earn a $25 gift card!  Click here to learn more.