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AUpdatedAIRES File Request & Authorization Form
Use this if you want help creating your AIRES files and sending them to your CEO or examiner.
AUpdatedAIRES and CU*BASE11/21/2018
AALM Downloads04/10/2018
AATM Surcharge and Service Charge Rebates07/13/2018
AATM/Debit User Guide07/13/2018
AAbnormal Activity Monitoring03/17/2017
AAccount-to-Account (A2A) Transfers08/22/2018
AAccrual Verification Handbook03/17/2017
AAdjusting for 90 Day Delinquency03/17/2017
AAsset Verification Service Agreement - Wisconsin03/17/2017
AAssociated Applications03/17/2017
AAsterisk Intelligence: Data Warehouses05/01/2018
AAudit Tracker03/17/2017
AAuditing Employee Access to CU*BASE Tools / Data Center Employee Security03/17/2017
AAutomated Deposit Holds
Looking for "Electronic Deposit Holds"? This is the booklet you want!
AAutomated Funds Transfer/Check Funds Transfer08/06/2018
AAutomated Non-Returns07/13/2018
AAutomating Reports and Queries07/13/2018
AUsing the Answer Book03/17/2017
BBalancing Act of Managing Your Cash Inventory03/17/2017
BBalancing Made Easy10/19/2018
BBank Secrecy Act (BSA) Monitoring Tools07/20/2018
BBankruptcy Tools11/05/2018
BBudgeting with CU*BASE07/13/2018
BBump Rate Certificates03/17/2017
BNew Branch Form02/20/2018
BOnline Ballots08/21/2017
BUsing the Member Branch Reassignment Tool03/17/2017
C5300 Call Report Brochure03/17/2017
C5300 Call Report Upload Steps03/17/2017
C5300 Call Report and CU*BASE Tools10/02/2017
CCASS Certification Procedures10/19/2018
CCPI Force-Placed Insurance11/15/2017
CCTR Automated Uploads to FINCEN01/18/2018
CCU*BASE Calculations for Insurance and Debt Protection03/17/2017
CCU*BASE Customer Master Database Information (for Online Clients)04/09/2018
CCU*BASE and Compromised Cards01/04/2018
CCU*CD User Guide: Viewing Reports and Statements on CD-ROM03/17/2017
CCU*SPY E-Statements and Online Reports03/17/2017
CCU*TALK Audio Response: Introductory/Startup Guide03/17/2017
CCU*TALK Change Request: Configuration03/17/2017
CCU*TALK Change Request: Rate Messages03/17/2017
CCU*TALK and It's Me 247 New Client Setup Form10/20/2017
CCard Activity Rebates (CAR)07/13/2018
CCard Controls User Guide08/22/2018
CCertificate Forms03/17/2017
CCertificate Variable Rates03/17/2017
CCharge Off Savings/Checking Accounts08/16/2018
CCheck Ordering10/19/2018
CClub Account Processing01/04/2018
CCollateral: Tools for Tracking Property Securing Loans10/19/2018
CCommunication with Members11/15/2017
CConcentration Risk Analysis12/07/2017
CConfiguring Tools for Collections07/13/2018
CConverting Checking Accounts03/12/2018
CConverting Your Back Office03/17/2017
CCredit Card Promotions Guide03/17/2017
CCredit Cards: Configuration Guide03/17/2017
CCredit Cards: User Guide07/13/2018
CUpdatedCredit Scores in Online Banking 11/23/2018
CCross-Selling and Next Suggested Product12/07/2017
CHow Check Holds Work07/13/2018
CHow to Tracker from Cross Sales03/17/2017
COnline Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (1): Introductory/Startup Guide03/17/2017
COnline Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (2): Configuring 247 Lender and the Approval Matrix05/19/2017
COnline Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (3): User Guide03/17/2017
COnline Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (4): Understanding the Portfolio Defense SAVANT Credit Scoring Model03/17/2017
COnline Credit Bureau Access: 247 Lender Setup Form03/17/2017
COnline Credit Bureau Access: Setup Form11/15/2017
CPrincipal Distribution Certificates03/17/2017
DATM/Debit User Guide07/13/2018
DAsterisk Intelligence: Data Warehouses05/01/2018
DAutomated Deposit Holds
Looking for "Electronic Deposit Holds"? This is the booklet you want!
DCU*BASE Leadership Dashboards10/19/2018
DCU*BASE Management Dashboards03/17/2017
DData Archival Options Form03/17/2017
DDebit Card Round Up03/17/2017
DDefense MD: Backup Tape Encryption for Self Processors03/17/2017
DDividend Donations: Starting a Program for Your Members03/17/2017
DDocumentation: Visit Tricks of the Trade
DDormancy and Escheat Monitoring03/17/2017
DDownloading Financial Statements to Excel03/17/2017
DImporting Transaction Files and Posting Them Via Direct Mail05/04/2018
DMember Servce Denial Notices03/17/2017
DMy Favorite Dashboards and Reports and CU*SPY Daily Reports
DSelf-directed Data Floods 07/30/2018
EEffective Dating for Member Transactions03/17/2017
EEscrow Processing with CU*BASE10/19/2018
EGetting Started with E-Statements11/15/2017
EWrong Email Addresses - Automated Management of Wrong Email Addresses03/17/2017
Ee-Documents: Electronic Documents Strategies and Solutions
Ee-Documents: Electronic Photo ID Capture User Guide03/17/2017
Ee-Documents: Electronic Receipts User Guide03/17/2017
Ee-Documents: Quick Reference Guide03/17/2017
Ee-Documents: idocVault Administrator Guide03/17/2017
FCU*BASE and the FFIEC Supplement08/06/2018
FFIDM Configuration Files for Self-Processors
These are files within a Zip archive
FFee Options with CU*BASE03/17/2017
FFile Transfers: Downloading Data from iSeries to PC06/13/2018
FFinancial Institutions Data Match (FIDM) Act: Compliance for CU*BASE Credit Unions03/17/2017
FHow to Work with Member Follow-ups05/19/2017
FMember Self Service Fees03/17/2017
FRunning a FinCEN 314(a) Scan Against Your CU*BASE Database08/06/2018
FSelf-directed Data Floods 07/30/2018
GGender Generator Brochure03/17/2017
GGeneral Ledger Balancing Tools03/17/2017
GHow to Install CU*BASE GOLD03/17/2017
GImporting Transaction Files to the General Ledger05/04/2018
HHealth Savings Accounts (HSAs)03/17/2017
HHousehold & Member Statistics12/07/2017
ICU*Answers Item Processing Manual03/17/2017
ICU*TALK and It's Me 247 New Client Setup Form10/20/2017
IIRA Processing10/19/2018
IImporting a List of Prospective Member Names into the CU*BASE Pending Membership Applications Database05/04/2018
IInstant Card Issue03/17/2017
IIntegration Manager User Guide06/29/2018
IIt's Me 247 Bill Pay (Fiserv Builder) Product Overview and User Guide03/17/2017
IIt's Me 247 Bill Pay (Payveris) Product Overview and User Guide09/11/2018
IIt's Me 247 Bill Pay (iPay) Product Overview and User Guide03/17/2017
IIt's Me 247 Bill Pay Feature Comparison03/17/2017
IIt's Me 247 Bill Pay powered by iPay Brochure03/17/2017
IIt's Me 247 Configuration Change Request Form10/20/2017
IIt's Me 247 Risk Assessment: Product Feature Matrix05/19/2017
IIt's My Biz 247 Business Banking07/13/2018
IIt's My Biz 247 Permissions Form07/13/2018
IMortgage Products: Interest Payment Only Loans03/17/2017
KKnowing Your Members: CU*BASE Relationship Management Tools12/13/2017
LBig-Picture Planning for Your Loan Configurations10/02/2017
LConfiguring Tools for Your Loan Team10/19/2018
LLaser Printing with CU*BASE11/15/2017
LLease Loan Tools03/17/2017
LLeaving Special Messages for Online Banking and Audio Response03/17/2017
LLoan Interest Calculation: "360/365 Daily Interest"03/17/2017
LLoan Statement Notices07/17/2017
MCU*BASE Management Dashboards03/17/2017
MMACO: Multi-Authentication Convenience Options 08/06/2018
MMAP: Applying for a Membership Online08/10/2017
MMLA Workflow and Procedures03/17/2017
MMOP: Opening a Membership Online08/16/2018
MMarketing Campaigns with Member Connect10/19/2018
MMarketing Clubs: Configuration, Benefits and Enrollment07/13/2018
MMember Demographics12/07/2017
MMicrofiche Statement Copy Request03/17/2017
MMiscellaneous Advances03/17/2017
MMiscellaneous Member Account Forms11/15/2017
MMobile App Banking with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)07/20/2018
MMobile Text Banking07/20/2018
MMobile Web Banking01/03/2018
MMonth-End Processing Verifications11/02/2018
MMortgage Products: 360-Day Interest Calculation03/17/2017
MMortgage Products: Data Capture for Mortgage Closing Forms03/17/2017
MMortgage Products: Interest Payment Only Loans03/17/2017
MMortgage Products: Interest Payment Only Loans03/17/2017
MView Web Services Mobile Web Banking Information
Refer to Web Services Announcement and Flyer (For Members)
NMember Notices: Configuring and Printing CU-Defined Notices and e-Notices07/13/2018
NNCUA Share Insurance03/17/2017
NNon-Member Teller Services03/17/2017
ODownloading OFAC File Lists for the CU*BASE Data Match System03/17/2017
OOFAC Configuration Files for Self-Processors
These are files within a Zip archive
OOpt In/Opt Out (Reg E) - Managing Your Offering06/12/2017
OOutstanding Loan Recap - Managing your Concentration Risk03/17/2017
OStatement Onsert Brochure03/17/2017
OTracking "Off Trial Balance" (OTB) Products with CU*BASE12/01/2017
OUsing the CU*BASE Data Match System for OFAC Compliance10/19/2018
OView Online Banking Documentation
PHow To Install ProDoc (CU*Answers ASP)03/17/2017
PNew CU*BASE Printer Configuration Request03/17/2017
PPDF Exports10/19/2018
PPIB Rollout Strategies03/17/2017
PPIB: Configuration/User Guide03/17/2017
PPackaging Loans for Sale: Managing your Concentration Risk03/17/2017
PParticipation Lending: FHLB Secondary Market Loan Servicing10/19/2018
PParticipation Lending: Fannie Mae Secondary Market Loan Servicing10/19/2018
PParticipation Lending: Freddie Mac Secondary Market Loan Servicing10/19/2018
PParticipation Lending: Standard 365 Loans and Other Loans10/19/2018
PPrivacy Controls12/01/2017
PPromise Deposits: Electronic Check Deposits via It's Me 247 Online Banking08/06/2018
QQualiFile (ChexSystems) Risk Assessment Scans03/17/2017
QQualified Dividends07/13/2018
QQuicken/QuickBooks Downloads from Online Banking - Brochure/Pricing03/17/2017
QQuicken/QuickBooks Downloads from Online Banking - Signup Form02/20/2018
RDownloading Data from CU*BASE to Raddon03/17/2017
ROpt In/Opt Out (Reg E) - Managing Your Offering06/12/2017
RPosting Your Remote Deposits to CU*BASE05/04/2018
RReissuing Cards03/17/2017
RReport Builder03/17/2017
SMember Selected Printed Statement Styles04/10/2018
SPeriodic Mortgage Statements01/04/2018
SSales Tracker03/17/2017
SSee/Jump Controls03/09/2018
SSelective Marketing through Printed Statements03/17/2017
SSelling Products Online03/17/2017
SShare Bonus Dividend/Loan Interest Rebate Programs03/17/2017
SShare Dividend Payment Options03/17/2017
SSkip Pay for Consumer Loans01/12/2018
SSkip-a-Pay for Online Credit Cards10/20/2017
SUpdatedSmart Messages11/16/2018
SStand-In Processing03/17/2017
SStandards for Social Security Numbers03/17/2017
SStandards for Social Security Numbers in New Client Conversions03/17/2017
SStatement Insert Packaging & Labeling Instructions03/17/2017
SStatement Insert Requirements03/17/2017
SStatement Mail Groups03/17/2017
SStatement Onsert Brochure03/17/2017
SStatement Printing & Mailing Instructions03/17/2017
SSunday Processing Request Form03/17/2017
STracking Savings Bond Redemption Activity with CU*BASE03/17/2017
SUsing the CU*BASE Member Survey03/17/2017
THow To Install Epson Thermal Printers (Carswell)03/17/2017
THow To Install Epson Thermal Printers (TM-T88IV USB)03/17/2017
TTILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID)03/17/2017
TTeller & Cash Activity Analysis Tools12/07/2017
TTeller Transaction Monitoring03/17/2017
TTiered Service Levels - Implementation Guide08/16/2018
TUsing TCDs: Quick Reference03/17/2017
TUsing Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs) with CU*BASE Integrated without Middleware10/20/2017
TUsing Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs) with CU*BASE Integration with Legacy and Lutzwolf12/26/2017
TUsing Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs) with CU*BASE: Configuration Guide03/17/2017
TUsing Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) with CU*BASE (Configuration and User Guide) – Integration with Legacy and Lutzwolf10/20/2017
TUsing Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) with CU*BASE – Integrated without Middleware10/20/2017
VVariable Rate Loan Products02/15/2018
VVault Manager03/17/2017
WNew CU*BASE Workstation Configuration Request03/17/2017
WWire Transfers in CU*BASE01/22/2018
WWrite-Off/Charge-Off Tools07/13/2018
XUpdatedXtend Shared Branching12/04/2018
YYear End Processing Guide - Online11/02/2018
YYear End Processing Guide - Self Processing11/02/2018
YUpdatedYear End Processing Guide Supplement - 1042-S Tax Forms12/05/2018
YYear End Tax Forms Archival Instructions - Self Processing10/25/2018
ZCreating Zero-Dollar Transactions in CU*BASE03/17/2017