Don’t Forget: Raise Your Voice for the CU Industry – Action Required Before Monday!


You may remember a few years ago credit unions were required to contribute money to the NCUA for a fund to
help stabilize the industry in case there were problems.  The NCUA is now preparing to close that fund and
return some money to credit unions, but are looking to keep some of the money due to credit unions to cover
their own operating costs.

Capital is the lifeblood of every credit union, and my credit union is counting on the monies owed them by the
NCUA.  We are worried as an industry that the NCUA will pad the system via its budgets and overstating the
needs for the insurance fund, and not send all of the monies owed our credit union back to OUR communities.

What we are asking you do to:  Speak Up!  Now.

You must do this before Monday

The NCUA is accepting comments on their proposal.  We want them to hear our objections.

Do This Right Now:

Go to and enter your information.  Choose one of our comments or write
your own.  Copy one of ours and edit it if you want.   This will only take you 2 minutes or less, but will add to a
louder voice if we all do it.

All comments will be published on the NCUA website. So remember, you are representing
yourself, our company and our industry.

All submissions have to be in by Tuesday, 9/5/2017.  You can submit this from home, so
forward this email to your home email address and do it this weekend.

For more information, check out the following links:

NCUA Page about the Stabilization Fund Closure


Commentary by Vic Pantea from CU*Answers

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