CUNW Education Catalog

Welcome to the 2017 Education Catalog, complete with classes, workshops and education events geared toward helping your staff learn more about CU*BASE and maximizing its use.

Our network partner, CU*Answers, developer of CU*BASE, offers a full and broad spectrum of classes available to all users. CU*NorthWest supplements those offerings with client-driven classes, regional training events, and our annual Leadership Conference. This combination creates an environment for a varied and flexible education program for credit unions.

In this catalog, you will first find a description of the CU*NorthWest offerings for the coming year with directions for participating, followed by the complete offerings available at CU*Answers. As a CU*BASE user, you can participate in all of the offerings and benefit from the wealth of education and training available across our network.

Learning opportunities are often available free of charge with many of our clients taking advantage of these economical forms of education. As a CU*NorthWest client you have an Online University provided even before your conversion to CU*BASE. Courses span topics of CU*BASE software, the credit union industry, leadership, and even some “soft skills” training. There are On Demand video training and nearly 200 Show Me The Steps Video Tutorials accessible online 24/7, as well as web conferences for all clients, most of which are offered free of charge.

Traditional educational venues are presented in the classroom or hosted via web conference. These courses are published in this catalog with descriptions indicating the content of the class.

Among the numerous courses being offered in 2017, 11 have refreshed content, indicated by a “star/revised” notation on the course syllabus. Three new courses have been added that will help you take advantage of all the options available through our Internet Retailer Support Center (IRSC): Shopping the IRSC Online Store (13.01), MAP/MOP – Applying for Membership Online (13.02), and Launching Your FREE CU*Answers Mobile App (13.03). In response to client requests for additional compliance training, we’re also offering two new Enterprise Risk Management courses this year: Internal Controls Best Practices (8.08) and Vendor Management 101 (8.09). Additionally, we’re introducing a new Secure-U course to assist clients with disaster recovery planning: Incident Response and Recovery Testing (9.70). These six new courses bring our total number of course offerings to a whopping 115!

If those do not cover your training needs, you can request customized training.


CUNW Education Catalogs