Our mission is to empower every credit union to achieve more by collaborating in the creation, production, distribution, and utilization of critical resources. Collaboration is the core of our business design and competitive strategy.

Executive Collaboration

Make decisions faster with a high level of confidence leveraging our executive network. Unforeseeable events occur and gathering the right information is critical. Executives within the CUNW network collaborate together to solve complex problems. They also share their expertise to assist each other in evaluating tough decisions.

Employee Collaboration

Our CUSO is determined to see you succeed. Credit union staff sit side-by-side with your staff to remove any core conversion barriers. Our owners collaborate to share the costs of highly-skilled, specialized talent. Credit unions jointly hire candidates and establish security controls to access the individual institutions.

  • Job Share
  • Trade Skills
  • Share Skills

Workforce Collaboration

We partner with Xtend to ensure our network has a pool of skilled professionals trained in CU*BASE. Xtend works seamlessly with your internal teams for temporary or seasonal needs.


  • Contact Center
  • Marketing Communications
  • Collections
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data Mining
“CU*NorthWest exemplifies the cooperative model. Their focus on user engagement creates a network effect, demonstrating the impact shared resources and sweat equity can deliver.”
Jay Johnson, Chief Collaboration Officer, Callahan & Associates, Inc.