Reduce the Burden of Compliance

Regulatory compliance can feel out of portion to your primary business activities. Through our Enterprise Risk Management solutions, our Client Owners can reduce the burden of compliance and still execute decisions with precision and speed.
  • Regulation D transactions and fees

  • Transaction account reports

  • Configure dormancy fee

  • Regulation E transactions and statements
  • Red-flag tools

  • Detect unauthorized account access

  • Detect fraudulent activity

  • Identify inconsistent information

  • Regulatory examination and audit preparation

  • Configure BSA transaction types

  • Daily BSA monitoring

  • Configure dormancy fee

  • Audit trackers

  • Verify BSA activity

  • Online CTR forms

  • Due-diligence analysis and tasks

  • Activity follow-up

Eliminate Examination Surprises

  • A repository of exam experiences from credit unions across the country

  • ExamShare keeps credit union CEO’s up to date on regulatory hot topics

  • Develop examination best practices for sharing with Client Owners

  • Exam experiences are reviewed and summarized on a biannual basis

Simplify Compliance Processes

  • Policy and procedure collaboration website

  • Browse and select policies created by your peers

  • Each policy goes through a quality review

  • Users who share policies receive rebate points redeemable for cash

Keep Your Board Informed

  • Alert-based management reports
  • Board education and financial literacy training videos

  • Dedicated board site

  • Document repository

  • Rolling board calendar