By allowing members to self-serve, credit unions free up employees to focus on deepening member relationships

  • eLoan Form

  • Signature capture

  • AP invoice capture

  • Capture loan support forms (NADA, CARFAX, etc.)

  • Capture warranted scanned documents

  • Capture member documents

  • Member tax forms access

  • Document archive

  • Archive retrieval

  • Archive verification

  • eSignature tools

  • Online vault

  • Daily and monthly reports

  • User reports

  • OUTQ options

  • Daily-printing cycles

  • Data-retention policies

  • Online member statements

  • Online daily reports

  • Search items in reports

  • Print reports or statements

  • Copy of Driver’s License

  • Certificate of Insurance

  • Proof of Income

  • Notice to Provide Insurance

  • NADA

  • CARFAX Report

  • Business Verification Check

  • Discount addendum (if applicable)

  • Signed Exception Sheet/Email

  • Fact Act Notice

  • Advanced Receipt

Electronic Check Processing

NO 3rd party vendor fees for accessing check images and creating CD-ROMs

NO additional fees for late return item

NO charge for copy requests

NO FRB Check Processing fees

  • Full integration to ensure all daily transmissions are received and posted to member accounts
  • Electronic Returns and adjustments are prepared and transmitted to FRB daily
  • Duplicate item detection for checks processed during the previous 60 days
  • Access to FRB Returns (chargebacks)
  • Access to member images and daily credit union reports
    Item Processing staff available

Check21 Processing

  • Automate transmissions of daily deposits from all branches

  • 100% next-day availability for deposit transmissions

  • No costly courier service for deposited items

  • Centralized database for all deposit images (ON-US, transit, foreign and miscellaneous items

  • ON-US items separated from transit items to limit transactional costs

  • Increase fraud mitigation with scanner and database functionality

  • Realize interest gains from decreased float for deposited items

  • Historical record of item processing for compliance and review

  • Individual daily deposits for reconciliation and accounting

  • Daily reports with for branch-level analysis

  • Ability for multiple users to process check images

  • Accelerate quality review and repair of individual check items with automated workflows

Hosted Imaging Solution

Fully-managed off-site imaging

Secure Document Storage & Exchange

  • Securely send receipts and documents electronically to members

  • Members can store and retrieve important documentation

  • Encrypted technology for members to send documents to credit union and other contacts

  • Members have control of the amount of storage they own

  • Reward member loyalty with more storage space

  • Exchange documents and folders with members without requiring share links

  • Send automated custom messages to members