Get Connected with Keegan Daniel


Get Connected is a monthly webinar series focusing on CU*Answers Management Services and the
people who drive them.  These brief 30 minute sessions will introduce participants to CU*Answers
Management Services and the value each service brings.  Sessions will include a discussion of what’s
hot in the industry and help participants plug into key resources within CU*BASE and the network.

Get Connected is a live, unscripted event.  Julie Gessner, CU*Answers Management Services will be
your host.  This month, meet Keegan Daniel, VP of Professional Services for Asterisk Intelligence.
Learn more about Keegan and the various solutions that the Asterisk Intelligence team offers,
including Analytics Booth, Report Builder, and Unique Data Management.  Keegan will also discuss
Earnings Edge, and how they can help improve your credit union’s operations through strategizing
and consulting.

Tuesday, May 22

2:00 PM to 2:30 PM ET

This event is free to attend

Have questions for Keegan?  Email them to us in advance of this session at:

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