Fraud and scam activity can happen to anyone, anywhere and often starts with electronic payments.  Help protect your credit union members from fraud with Payveris’ PayWatch service.

When launching the PayWatch Fraud Monitoring service, the SettleMINT team will review the PayWatch rules and customize them for your credit union. Once your credit union is live, if a transaction fails one of these rules, it will trigger an alert for your credit union to review the transaction to determine if it should be processed or cancelled.

Additional benefits of PayWatch include:

  • Fully designed and supported by Payveris (not a separate 3rd party bolt-on).
  • PayWatch performed by your staff using the PASS administrative support tool.
  • Fraud transaction auditing is run hourly with alerts immediately available for staff to review and decision accordingly.
  • Online alerts included for staff to easily monitor and flag today’s and previous alerts.
  • PayWatch works across supported Payveris products, including electronic Bill Pay, Checks, and P2P. All electronic payees are OFAC scanned.

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