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Let’s refocus on the ideas that make our cooperative a living breathing network. Remember, we’re all in this together. As you craft your idea, keep in mind that to make it truly work, it has to scale out to the cooperative. Every Credit Union in the network, your peers, your partners, your collaborators will benefit from it.

We take your ideas seriously.

But we need you to, also. Submitting an idea form cannot just be a whim you had while on the drive to work this morning. Making a change could affect everyone in the CU*Northwest family. Some changes save you time, others drive your business. Make your case for why you need what you need.   But remember, this is a suggestion box, not a formal request for work to be done.

An Idea Form is intended to start a dialogue.

When you submit an Idea Form, you will be asked to join in a back-and-forth dialogue with our team as we debate feasibility and techniques that might turn your idea into reality. Remember that you are asking your CUSO to spend yours and your colleagues’ money, so use the Idea Form to state your case. Address all aspects of the potential development: the level of importance, the effect it will have on all CU*Northwest clients, the improvements you expect and the benefits of the change.

Keep in mind some things about this process: Like you, we generally get pretty geeked about almost every idea we see. But like you, we have to be responsible with our members’ money (you being our members) and therefore it is not feasible for all ideas to be adopted for development. So be prepared to defend your idea and help us think through the best way to turn it into something real for you and everyone else in the CU*Northwest family.

Choose the Idea Form channel that matches your topic.

Each Idea Form is tailored to a specific category and is reviewed by subject matter experts as well as our design teams. Keep in mind since this is a suggestion box, we do not have a formal tracking mechanism for ideas submitted through this channel. If you do not receive a response in 6-8 weeks, feel free to submit your idea again for another try!

Please Note: This form is not a secure channel. Please do not submit private information such as account numbers, usernames or passwords through this form.

Submit an Idea

  • You may send this idea to one other email address, maybe you have a distribution list at your credit union that should be copied.
  • This will appear in the subject of your idea form submission email, so be specific (think “change to the daily teller audit report,” not “change to CU*BASE”)
    1 = Just a thought I had; 5 = This is something my CU really wants to champion
  • minimum of 50 characters, maximum of 1,000 characters
  • minimum of 50 characters, maximum of 1,000 characters