The Asterisk Intelligence team: helping you achieve your goals through collaboration and shared insight


Work smarter, not harder!  The Asterisk Intelligence team brings you a team of analysts
who work to interpret your data for insights and opportunity.  Tools like Analytics Booth,
Report Builder, Dashboards, and Unique Data Management give you the power to see
and control your database – the Asterisk Intelligence team will work with you to maximize
the benefit of these solutions in the context of our five pillars of data analytics: Finance,
Operations, Fraud, Audience, and Marketing.

We listen so that we can better help you achieve your goals.  Our valued CU
clients offer key input that helps shape our future products.  We believe in the value of the
“network effect”, where CUSO collaboration and shared insights benefit all.

Want to learn more about the solutions the Asterisk Intelligence team has to
offer?  Visit our website, or contact us via email at

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