Board of Directors election results

Congratulations to Charles Papenfus and Heri Garcia for being elected to the CU*NorthWest board of directors.


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The management and marketing tools set CU*NorthWest apart from competitors.
John Bagents, CEO County Schools Federal Credit Union
Today... we have days when only one person makes an appointment to walk-in. The rest use CU*Base Gold, eDoc, et al. Thank you for providing the tools at a reasonable cost.
Evie Webb-Swope, President & CEO United Trades Federal Credit Union
During our discovery phase... every CEO we spoke with had nothing but positive comments about the service and support they receive as clients and owners of CU*NorthWest.
Alan Cortum, CEO Valley Oak Credit Union
We needed a system that has true integration and CU*NorthWest exceeded our expectations.
Maybelline Bito , CEO Befit Financial Federal Credit Union
Finding a partner that understands credit unions and is committed to the credit union movement was very important to us.
Alex Casillas, CEO My Credit Union
CU*NorthWest provides tremendous value by integrating many auxiliary services into the core, providing our members complex services without requiring IT professionals on our staff.
Jake Harbour, CEO Santa Barbara County Federal Credit Union
We saved $175,000 annually when we converted to CU*NorthWest. On top of the savings, we gained significantly more capabilities.
Rod Garza, CEO Shell Western States Federal Credit Union

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As a credit union owned CUSO, we understand the unique nature of credit unions and how to navigate complex regulatory requirements. We are also a community of credit unions who understand the unique nature of our regional market. We listen to each other and work collaboratively to solve problems.