Meet CU*NOrthWest

One Team.
Your Team.

Making your goals a reality.

Sky Alvarado

Client Service Manager
Provides day-to-day software support and development for our credit unions through client service & education.

Rose Anasagasti

Senior Programmer
Provides forms and conversion programming support for our clients.

Krystal Christensen

Client Services Representative
5+ years in the credit union industry.  Provides day-to-day software support and researches issues.

Tiffany Cortez

Director of Culture & Administration
20+ years HR experience.  Oversees employee relations, recruitment and organizational planning.

Ember Craig

Client Services Account Executive/Trainer
7 years client service support.  Provides high-level customer training and support, including conversion training and external/internal CU*BASE education.

Michael Davis

Network Engineer Lead
Microsoft certified Systems Administrator with over 20 years of experience in IT.  Supports all aspects of internal and external technical support.

Howard Floyd

Senior Programmer
Provides EFT programming support for our clients.

Bryce Follett

Client Solutions Consultant
4 years client service experience.  Oversees client service team and works closely with clients during conversion process, including special projects.

Cathy Green

Operations Manager
14+ years experience in the credit union industry. Plans, organizes and manages client projects, including debit/credit card conversions.

Stuart Kuzik

Leads vision, mission & strategic direction of the business.

Dennis Luy

Senior Programmer
Specializes in forms programming for our clients.

Debra Morgan

Senior Programmer
Provides conversion programming support for our clients and CU*network.

Steven Pilc

Responsible for all accounting function and financial recordkeeping.

Jesse Schoch

Senior Network Engineer
16+ years technical services experience. Provides technical support for CU*BASE GOLD, core conversions and internal/external projects.

Eric Wisheropp

Account Executive
12+ years’ experience in front-line CU*BASE support and performing live-week conversion on-site support.

David Lee

Client Service Representative
7 years client service experience. Provides day-to-day software support and researches issues through to resolution.

Jaime Gilson

 Client Service Representative
12 years client support experience.   Provides day-to-day software support to customers.

Hector Garza

Network Engineer
8 years Network Administrator experience.  Provides internal & external technical support.