In the Kitchen

We’re always cooking up new ideas here in the CU*Answers Kitchen and we’d like to share some of our current recipes with you. These are some of the large topic projects that are currently in varying phases of development. These ‘recipes’ are not designed to show you the nitty-gritty specifics but rather showcase the general ingredients involved and the ‘chef’ who is your point person if you do want more information.

Click through and check out what’s cooking now and check back later to see how the menu changes.

Please note: All targeted implementation dates shown on these pages are subject to change without notice

RecipeLast Updated
1Click Unfunded Loan Offers12/08/2023
5300 Call Report Tools for CU*BASE01/16/2024
ACH On Demand Processing Enhancements12/08/2023
ANR/NSF Fees Brainstorming01/15/2024
Abnormal Activity Monitoring Enhancements12/08/2023
Account Aggregation Features for Online Banking12/11/2023
Account Opening Enhancements12/08/2023
Accounts Payable Enhancements01/16/2024
Artificial Intelligence Strategies12/11/2023
Ascensus Integration12/11/2023
Authentication Enhancements for Online/Mobile Banking12/28/2023
Bill Pay Projects12/08/2023
Building a New Search Engine12/08/2023
Card Activity Optics12/08/2023
Contract Variable Rate Feature Enhancements12/08/2023
Creating an Engine for Predictive Retailing (aka “Nostradamus”)12/08/2023
Cryptocurrency Management Services via Online Banking12/08/2023
Debit Card Round-up Enhancements12/11/2023
Digital Card Issuance (DCI) and Push Provisioning12/15/2023
Dormancy and Escheat Notices12/08/2023
EFT Projects in the Works12/08/2023
Escrow Analysis Enhancements12/08/2023
Imaging Solutions in the Works12/08/2023
Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)11/29/2023
Internet Retailing/LOS Tools and Features12/08/2023
Introducing a New Face for CU*BASE: CBX11/29/2023
Learning about FedNow®02/22/2024
Learning about RTP®02/02/2024
MemberPass® Integration for CU*BASE Phone Op and Teller12/08/2023
NEW REQUIREMENTS TAKE EFFECT FEBRUARY 1st: Email Policy Updates, Best Practices, and Compliance01/26/2024
Native Receipts for Xpress Teller12/08/2023
New Products from Payrailz12/08/2023
Online LOS Projects in the Works01/16/2024
Online Loan App Auto-approvals and Fulfillment via FUEL Decisions12/08/2023
Participation Loan Packages Enhancements12/08/2023
Plaid Integration01/30/2024
RDC Enrollment via CU*BASE12/08/2023
Small Business Lending Data Collection12/08/2023
Tracking Recoveries on Written-off Loans12/08/2023
Unique Account Identifiers12/11/2023
Vendor Interfaces We’re Working On01/18/2024
Zelle Integration via CO-OP12/08/2023