A New Daily ACH File Arrives 9/12/22


We are aware that the Fed has announced that starting on September 12th they will begin sending yet another daily ACH file, this one at 8:30 PM PT.  We are currently working through our internal procedural changes but will plan on receiving this file in addition to the five we already receive each day.

We are still considering what might work best in our online environment as far as when it would be posted to member accounts.  This includes determining which of your credit union’s configuration settings (via Tool #113: ACH Posting Controls Config) will apply.  For example, we might combine this with the file we receive overnight and post them both in our first post of the day, by 5:30 AM PT.  We are also considering what differences might be appropriate based on time zone.

We’ll announce our plan soon.  In the meantime, here are some other resources to check out:

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