Action Required – DynaCash Clients: Contact Your Reseller Before May 23rd!


If you are using DynaCash with a cash handling machine, this announcement is for you!

Before the 21.05 CU*BASE release arrives, you need to contact your DynaCash reseller (typically, this is your equipment vendor) and have them perform a DynaCash update.  You will need to contact your reseller before Sunday, May 23rd.

If you do not get this update, DynaCash will still work with our current teller platform.  However, you will not be able to use DynaCash with the new Xpress Teller.  If you receive your update prior to the implementation of the 21.05 CU*BASE release, then DynaCash will work just fine with both Xpress Teller and our current teller platform.

If you are not sure who your DynaCash reseller is, you can contact:  If you already know who your DynaCash reseller is but have additional questions, please contact the CU*Answers Imaging Solutions team at: