Analyze Courtesy Pay Fees and Make Informed Decisions for Your Organization


Courtesy Pay fee programs have been a topic of national attention in 2022, with several national banks deciding to adjust their fee schedules, prompting many more financial institutions to start scrutinizing their own practices.

How many of your members are currently using these services?  What types of transactions are causing these fees?  What would happen to your income if you were to adjust your program configurations?  With a Courtesy Pay Fee Program Analysis from Asterisk Intelligence, you can make informed decisions on how to best handle Courtesy Pay fees for your organization.

During this analysis, the Asterisk Intelligence team will review 12 months of Courtesy Pay fee events, identifying the transactions that generated fees and giving you insight into transaction types and channels, as well as transaction amounts and resulting balances.  This analysis will provide demographic insights into your member population, and will identify members who are frequent users of the Courtesy Pay service.

Three service level options are available to those interested in taking advantage of this service.  Click the button below to visit our online store and learn more.