Arriving in October: Randomization for Card Numbers and Expiration Dates


CU*NorthWest is excited to announce a new randomization feature for card numbers and expiration dates!  The feature will be arriving in October with the upcoming 21.10 release of CU*BASE and will be going through a beta period for that month.  We will then will be able to schedule implementation for your credit union starting in November.

Brute force BIN attacks, which have recently become a hot topic in the field of plastics, use the assumed predictability of card numbers to find combinations of valid cards in order to commit fraud.  While no process or enhancement can truly eliminate a bad actor, the introduction of randomized card numbers and expiration dates to the plastic creation process can help to mitigate these brute force attacks.

If your credit union would like to take advantage of card randomization for ATM/debit or credit cards, click below to visit our online store.  This feature is FREE to your credit union – all you need to do is submit a request and our team will reach out to complete the process.