Change to Co-Op Shared Branch Check Holds


We’ve had reports from credit unions seeing an increase in the amount of fraud related to deposits of checks qualified as “payroll” via the Co-Op national shared branch interface.  Currently, checks that are flagged this way are treated as immediately available.


Based on our research and looking at the Co-Op shared branch rules, it was decided that we would change the behavior of these checks.  Starting on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, any checks deposited by a shared branch teller via Co-Op shared branching and qualified as “payroll” checks, will be subject to your normal hold parameters, the same as checks flagged as “local.”


Remember that shared branch tellers still have the option of flagging any check as immediate release, in order to bypass all holds.


If you would like to adjust the setting used for these holds, or if you’d like to discuss setting daily withdrawal and deposit limits for shared branch transactions, please contact a Client Service Representative.