Changes Coming to Client-Facing “FROM:” Addresses – Order a DKIM Signing Package by 1/8/24

If your credit union has received the associated email, it is because CU*Answers has determined that your client-facing CU*BASE “FROM:” address is currently NOT compliant with the new requirements from Google and Yahoo.  In order to become compliant, your credit union MUST purchase the DKIM signing package through the CNS store.

Purchase a DKIM Signing Package

If your credit union chooses not to purchase a DKIM signing package, the “FROM:” address for client-facing emails will revert to the following address format: <clientName>

We will begin transitioning clients to this email address format on January 8th, 2024.  During this transition, third-party email providers (such as Google and Yahoo) may delay or temporarily block emails, as the mail flow will change from a custom domain to this default domain.  This process typically takes a week to self-resolve, at which point email will begin to flow normally again – no action is required of your credit union during this part of the transition.

Additional Resources Available to Your Credit Union:

What are the requirements for a “from” email address in CU*BASE?  How do I change my “from” email address?  Click here to learn more about this topic.

The Kitchen page on the CU*Answers website has been updated with information on email policy updates, best practices, and compliance.  This page includes details on the current state of email policy changes, reasons for the changes, and information on what CU*Answers is doing to support these changes.

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