Changes to Default Browser Settings for eDOCSignature Coming 8/16/21


This message applies to all online credit unions using CU*Spy Images for receipts, photo IDs, loan documents, and membership forms.

On Monday, August 16th, we will be making a configuration change in ProDOC that launches eDOCSignature using your workstation’s default web browser.  In the past, this has been defaulted to Internet Explorer.  This change supports eDOCSignature’s effort to move away from Internet Explorer as it is no longer supported.

Most users will not see a change, as eDOCSignature will work in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and the new Microsoft Edge.

For information on setting your default browser, please refer to Microsoft support.  Windows 10 users can change their default browser by following the instructions available here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Help Desk at