Check Out the CU*BASE 21.05 Release Resource Companion


The CU*BASE Release Resource Companion includes links to relevant resources and the latest updates to our core software, with brief summaries of each.  Follow the link below to review the 21.05 Release Resource Companion – inside you will find key items related to the 21.05 Release including:

  • A new overview video for Xpress Teller.
  • New and updated Knowledge Base items related to Xpress Teller, Vertical Receipts, Abnormal Activity Monitoring and Automated Reports and Queries.  These include:
    • 40 new AnswerBook items for Xpress Teller.
    • 22 new AnswerBook items on Vertical Receipts.
    • 7 new AnswerBook items on Abnormal Activity Monitoring.
    • 5 new and updated AnswerBook items on Automated Reports and Queries.
  • And more!