Check Out These Helpful Resources for Completing the 5300 Call Report in CU*BASE

Do you have new staff who will be assisting with the quarterly 5300 Call Report or current staff who could use a refresher on these tasks?  Below are several great resources that you can share with your team!

  • Click here for a list of AnswerBook topics relating to 5300 Call Reports.
  • Learn more about quarterly changes to the 5300 Call Report by visiting the CU*Answers Kitchen pageclick here for the latest information.
  • Visit and bookmark the 5300 Call Report Account Code online help, also available by selecting the ? next to any account code in the Call Report.
  • For information on the 5300 Call Report and the process of using CU*BASE to help complete your 5300 Call Report, check out our detailed 5300 Call Report and CU*BASE Tools PDF booklet, available here.
  • And, if you missed our March 2023 webinar hosted by Karen Sorensen, a recorded version is available here.