CU*Answers and InvestiFi Invite You to Learn About Investment Options for Members via Online Banking

Seamlessly integrated into your digital banking platform, InvestiFi empowers members with the freedom to buy, sell and hold investments.  With InvestiFi, your credit union can help members build a financially secure future while keeping their membership and assets within your financial institution.

CU*Answers and InvestiFi will be hosting a webinar where we will explore the work that has been completed between our teams to bring investment and cryptocurrency options to members right from It’s Me 247.

In preparation for the upcoming webinar, InvestiFi has crafted an overview that not only outlines the proposed solution, but also emphasizes its guaranteed impact on your credit union’s ROI.  Additionally, the overview features a list of the top 10 external exchanges to which members may be likely sending their hard-earned deposits.  For those interested in reviewing these materials prior to the webinar, they can easily be downloaded via this link.

Wednesday, May 15th

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM ET

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