CU*BASE Credit Report Pulls Changing to Sync1 on 5/2/22


CU*BASE credit report pulls for your credit union are changing to Sync1 on 5/2/2022!

CU*BASE credit report pulls are changing to a new credit bureau partner – Sync1.  Your credit union is scheduled to go live with Sync1 beginning Monday, May 2nd.

Why this change?  Sync1 offers an opportunity for more support and enhancements to credit report pulls.  To accommodate changes and support more products with the bureau, Sync1 provides opportunity to develop/support new score modes, subcode enhancements and other projects which were previously too cost prohibitive.  As a CUSO and preferred partner, Sync1 is committed to the cooperative spirit and keeping credit unions up to date with the market.  Sync1 has a direct relationship with TransUnion, Experian and Equifax to facilitate credit pulls and return report data through an API connection.

This change to Sync1 has occurred at no cost to your credit union.

For more details on this change, refer to the attached PDF.  Additionally, we have attached a copy of the credit report legend for Sync1 for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact us at