CU*BASE Favorites from SettleMINT: Where Your Members Shop


What if you had a large number of members doing business with a vendor right around the corner?  How would you like an email list or a phone log for all of your members who regularly shop at a local business?  Could you make a case for a new branch knowing that your members regularly frequent a shopping location near an available space?

The Where Your Members Shop tool analyzes transaction descriptions and sorts activity by retailer name, letting you analyze where your members spend their money and even allowing you to market to these members via Member Connect.

Data on this screen is pulled from transaction descriptions, so the analysis will depend on what data was included in the transaction record from the merchant.  Currently, transaction data for this screen is available for ACH debits, ATM, debit card, and online credit card purchases, using the previous month’s transaction files.

The real power of this dashboard is that you can trend the data to view membership and account details on members using a single merchant by selecting a merchant and using the Open-Closed Dashboard.

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