Did You Know? Keep Your SSN Database Clean with these Tips!


Keep Your SSN Database Clean with these Tips!

Reviewing your key member and non-member files for any duplicate Social Security Numbers is an important task that your credit union should routinely perform.  The sooner duplications are found, the easier corrections will be and the fewer potential consequences you’ll need to worry about.

The SSN Verification Report screen helps you to produce two reports: one showing multiple SSNs within the MASTER file that have different names, and the other showing duplicates between the MASTER and MSNONMBR files.  For more details on the SSN Verification Report, click the button below to access CU*BASE Online Help.

Making Corrections to SSNs on Member and Non-Member Records

How do I change a Social Security number that’s on a non-member record and put it on a member’s account instead?  There are several steps in removing a member’s Social Security number.  Click here to visit the AnswerBook and review the process.

Can I change the SSN/TIN on an existing non-member record?  Click here for more information on this AnswerBook topic.