Did You Know? Reward Your Members with a Customized Credit Card Cash Back Program!


Reward Your Members with a Credit Card Cash Back Program, Customized with Several Great Features!

Have a Credit Card Cash Back program or thinking of starting one to reward your members for using your credit union credit card?

Configure your rewards program with Tool #1550: Credit Card Cash Back Program Config., built right into CU*BASE!  Then, customize your program with these great features:

  • Select a payout frequency of monthly, quarterly, or annually.  (If you select annually, you can select the month to reward them.)
  • Deposit the cash back into selected checking or savings accounts.  Members will love that they can get their money in their checking account, or an account used for saving for that special something!
  • To make this feature a home run, reward a select group of members by mass enrolling them in a program (with assistance from the CU*Northwest EFT group).