Don’t Miss This Week’s Proving Data Strategies: Locating Lending Opportunities


Managing and responsibly growing our loan portfolios is one priority which most of us can relate on.  Looking internally at our existing membership for opportunities can often times yield the best ROI, driven by leveraging our existing relationship and established trust with the member, increased availability of historical financial performance of the member, and an increased ability to target offers to specific member segments.  Are you getting the most out of your CU*BASE lending resources?

Join us and follow along with our Asterisk Intelligence Analysts as they detail the tools, strategies, and tactics available to locate internal lending opportunities, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and how to take action on these opportunities.  You have questions, your data holds the answers.  Join us as we prove the value your data can bring to your operations.

Thursday, July 30

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT