Experian and CU*Answers Work Together to Support Our Mutual Clients


We have heard from a number of people that Experian has been reaching out to our mutual clients to withdraw the October 29th deadline for ending Experian integrated solutions for credit reports. This is based on ongoing projects between our two firms to agree on network security designs.

Experian stopped short of an all-out market press release at this time. While no other credit reporting agency is pushing for Experian’s security solutions, both firms continue to try to find a middle ground so that we can both continue to support our credit unions.

Although there is no long-term agreement at this time, both sides see a reasonable chance that we will find a more permanent solution for our ongoing relationship.

NOTE: If you’re already working with Lender*VP on setting up a secondary bureau, please don’t stop!  Having a redundant bureau relationship is critical to your operations no matter what, as a backup for any contingency.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Lender*VP.