Full Service Cards for FIS Moving to Payments One – Schedule Your Project Today

Attention Credit Unions using FIS TBS Platform for Full-Service Credit Card Processing

We have been informed that FIS is moving all of their full-service (Off Trial Balance) credit cards from the TBS platform to the Payments One platform, and that they have given the majority of our mutual credit unions a conversion date of July 15th.  While this change primarily affects your process at FIS, in order for us to continue receiving balance/status files and sending payment files, CU*Answers does need to schedule a data conversion for your product as well.

CU*Answers has the capacity to complete only 8 of these projects on July 15th.  We have attempted to work with FIS on setting up staggered dates to ensure that we are not impacting processing for your members, but unfortunately we were unsuccessful.  In order to be given one of these slots, you will need to initiate a project with CU*Answers.  These projects will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we have filled several of these spots already.

What if you are not able to get on the July 15th schedule for CU*Answers?  If you are unable to get one of those slots, it is our understanding that FIS will move forward anyway with changing the platforms on their side.  This means that as of July 15th we will stop receiving your balance and status files and sending your payment files, until we can implement your conversion project on a later date.  You will need to use the Payments One site to manually post payments and view balance information, until we get a signed project request and you are locked in for an implementation date.

We understand this will be disruptive for most of you, but FIS is insisting on proceeding with a mass push for all clients, and it is not possible for us to implement changes for all CUs on a single date.  Since this is an FIS decision, you may wish to contact FIS and encourage them to adjust their schedule to minimize the disruption to CU*Answers clients.

To initiate a project request, please contact the DHD team at: DevelopersHelpDesk@cuanswers.com.  We plan to be aggressive in slotting as many CUs as quickly as we can, and will get back to you promptly with an implementation date for your project.