Haven’t Activated Multi-Factor Authentication for Online Banking Yet?

If your credit union has not yet activated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for It’s Me 247 online banking, we encourage you to utilize this option!  MFA gives your credit union and your members greater protection against bad actors who might try and access financial information.  Your credit union can take advantage of the following:

  • MFA for making changes to email addresses and personal information.
  • MFA for using P2P (enrollment and transfers).

Both of these options can be activated today via CU*BASE Tool #569!

Helpful Resources

To learn more about Multi-Factor Authentication, including future projects that are in the works, we encourage you to click here and visit the CU*Answers Kitchen page!

Additionally, we have several Knowledge Base topics relating to MFA, which can be accessed via the links below.

Knowledge Base Topics

  • How do I activate multi-factor authentication for members performing special services in It’s Me 247, such as making a Pay Anyone Persona-to-Person (P2P) transfer or updating their personal information via the “Direct Update with two factor (text/email)”?  What does this experience look like for the member?  Click here for more information! (KB 5443)
  • Does It’s Me 247 support multi-factor authentication (MFA), otherwise known as two-factor authentication?  Click here to learn more! (KB 5440)
  • What is the member experience for multi-factor authentication for first-time login to It’s Me 247?  How do you activate this in CU*BASE?  Click here for more details! (KB 5441)