Helping Members through Catastrophic Property Damage – Variable Ventures Summer Webinar Series


Catastrophic property damage is one of the most traumatic challenges a homeowner will ever face.  Whether caused by fire, mechanical failure, or natural disaster such as hurricane, tornado, hail, or flood, these events will stress patience and financial resources.  Insurance covers most costs, but not all.  Worse, the process can be slow, painstaking, confusing, and exhausting.  Homeowners can face rebuild projects that last months or even years, keeping them out of their homes and in a state of seemingly perpetual limbo.

Revive and Thrive is a new service that helps members and potential members manage this process while providing revenue opportunities for credit unions.  We combine expertise, tools, project management, and even public adjusters to help homeowners tackle these challenges and gain peace of mind.  Additionally, we can provide funding to accelerate the rebuilding process until insurance funds are disbursed, as well as finance upgrades or uncovered damage and cover short term living expenses.

Credit unions can obtain several benefits, including:

  • Providing assurance to members who experience a catastrophic loss
  • Capturing interest and fee income through participation in a CUSO
  • Assistance with dispute resolution, billing, and rebuild project management
  • Acquiring new members and expand relationships with existing members

During this webinar, Alan White, Founder of CU Accelerator will provide an overview of the various elements of the Revive and Thrive service and discuss early rollout plans.

Wednesday, August 26

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PT