In Case You Missed It – Early April 2021


Take a look back at some important topics from the first half of April 2021:

Have a question for CU*Answers? Who do you call?

A Note from Network Services: Close Out Report Regarding the Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability

Get Ready! The 2021 CU*Answers Leadership Conference is Coming!

March Owner’s View Monthly Recap

Pull Up a Seat for a Learning Café Session

April Owner’s Voice Voting is Live!

Round out Leadership Week with a Golf Outing!

Helpful Hints from Earnings Edge: Ways to Print Reports in CU*BASE

Is Your Data an Expense or an Asset?


Coming Soon: We’re Rolling Out NEW Vertical Receipts!

1 Day, 2 Great Events – Join Us for the 2021 Accounting Top Priorities Focus Group and CFO Hot Topics!

Employee Security Audits: What Every Credit Union Needs to Know!

Give Your Members the Convenience of Automated CD Secured Loans!

Register for Asterisk Intelligence Week Sessions – Coming Soon, April 26-29

Join Us for the 6th Annual Conversations on Compliance Event!

Join Us for an Analytics Booth Open House on May 5th!