Investments Since the Second Round of Stimulus Checks


It appears that another round of stimulus payments will be coming soon, so we wanted to let you know about investments and changes we made based on what we learned during the last round.  Please view the attached PDF to learn more.

As before, once the payments start to arrive we’ll post a service alert on the OBC.  Other tips:

  • Market the use of ACH eAlerts, so members don’t need to log in over and over.
  • Remember that since ACH transactions are posted in batches, members who don’t see a deposit on one day should be encouraged to wait until the next day to look again.
  • Consider activating the ACH On-Demand Posting feature so members can post their deposits right away when they arrive (for a fee, if you like).

To review other tips from the AnswerBook, visit and search keyword “stimulus.”