It’s Wednesday of Asterisk Intelligence Week!


The Asterisk Intelligence Team welcomes you to participate OnDemand in the Wednesday session of their 4-day event, Asterisk Intelligence Week.

Today’s session is Prove It with Data: Strategies and Solutions. Below is an OnDemand curriculum of recorded classes, offered by Asterisk Intelligence and available when you are. Use this curriculum to attend anytime that is convenient for you!

Prove It with Data: Strategies and Solutions

Strategies for data-thinkers who are looking for useful and actionable data to guide decisions, build knowledge, and make (or save) money. What is your data strategy and what do you study most often? Do you ask for data to support proposals and decisions? Have you been surprised by specific data about your credit union lately?

These classes look beyond the tools and focuses on the planning and strategy involved with designing useful and valuable analysis. There are thousands of facts available about your credit union, with helpful tools and simple strategies to find them. This year use data to PROVE that analysis is worth your time and investment.

Today’s Curriculum

Class Topic Duration Link to Class
Analyzing Loan Applications 74 min Attend Class
Analyzing Loan Payoffs, Average Term, and Yields 50 min Attend Class
Analyzing Member Growth and Composition 60 min Attend Class
Delinquency, Write-offs, and Charge-offs 51 min Attend Class

 Thank you for participating in Asterisk Intelligence Week!