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Monday, December 7

1:00 PM – 1:30 PM PT

This Month’s Focus

Year-End Reminders for December

Join Stephanie Raven, Team Lead with Client Services and Education, for a review of Year-End tasks.  Topics discussed will include:

  • Verify Equity Loan categories to ensure proper 1098 reporting
  • Verify Share and Certificate configurations to ensure proper 1099-INT reporting; check settings on the credit union account
  • Verify Accounts Payable Vendor settings to ensure proper 1099-MISC reporting
  • Order special envelopes for Auditor member account verification mailing (if necessary)
  • Clear statement messages for December statements (if using substitute 1099-INTs)
  • Modify statement messages/instructions
  • Modify December e-statement notification message (if using substitute 1099-INTs)
  • Enter mortgage points paid and other 1098 data into the Tax File
  • Statement inserts due