Let AuditLink Help Your Credit Union with Contract Management


Contract management is a vital task for credit union administrative staff and is traditionally performed via spreadsheets.  A lack of a central location for these contracts can cause challenges and may lead to your credit union missing critical dates such as a notice of termination.  This can result in costly penalties or the extension of a service you were looking to terminate.

AuditLink has a scalable, secure and powerful process designed specifically for the financial industry.  Experienced AuditLink representatives can help you with the following:

  • Creating your contract management site
  • Best practices for using the contract management site
  • Reviewing security, administrative controls and automated notifications
  • Training users on how to enter contracts

Vendor Management and Contract Management can be paired together or they can be utilized as standalone services.

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If you would like to receive a Contract Management demo, email Jim Vilker today at: jvilker@cuanswers.com.

Please note: if your credit union currently uses the AuditLink Vendor Management program then you are already enrolled in this service.