Client/Owners, Collaborators, Friends,

I hope you and your teams are well and remain so during these challenging times. I am sure you are all as focused as we are on serving our communities. You have never left our focus.

We recognize and take seriously your reliance on the products and services we provide in order to serve your members.  In the early phases of this particular event we have communicated in similar fashion to any other interruption or modified processing condition.  Our response to this moment was very much within a normalized response framework that we continually document, exercise, and improve as a standard operating procedure here at CU*NorthWest.

Pursuant to the extended response necessary to the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to update you briefly on our current operational status, our plans for maintained operations, and a project to study our designs in the face of what could be a new normal for all of us.

Our focus to date has been to effectively implement and execute on standing policy and procedure. I am pleased to report that our hard work has paid off and we are operating with a normal rhythm while in a modified posture. Our primary focus is maintaining an unaltered level of service as you all work through your own operational components.  But different times call for different measures.

To expedite communication around this event and provide a central point for information and announcements from CU*NorthWest, we have launched a “Pandemic Response and Information” page on our website. All communications regarding this even will be published here (in addition to normal distribution channels).  This page will be the best and most up to date information available from our firm related to COVID-19.  Please take a moment and bookmark the page https://old.cunorthwest.com/cunorthwest-and-covid-19/ .

I expect the site to evolve in the coming weeks.  Our teams will be collecting questions from our community on this event.  We will update the site with questions and responses of value to everyone.  We hope this will help expedite information on specific concerns that many of you may share.  Please review the information on the site, and if there are other resources we could add to help, please contact customer service.  During the pandemic, this site will always give you the most up to date information on how we are operating.  Right now, we are working on strengthening our current infrastructure and operations to support a larger than normal remote workforce.  This week however, we will begin additional projects to evaluate those designs in the context of this moment and give even more value to the experience of this moment.  We don’t want to just “survive it” but be evolved by it for even stronger sustainable design.

CU*NorthWest and the entire cuasterisk.com network continue to collaborate and coordinate on a daily basis to improve the strength of our design and subsequently, strengthen our ongoing design both regionally and nationally.  As not only the CEO of your firm but also a credit union member, thank you for all you do and the support you provide to our families and extended communities when it matters.  We are proud to serve you everyday but especially in these challenging times.  Stay healthy and know that we stand ready to change and adapt in service to you.

Take care,

Greg Smith

President / CEO