Looking for Ways to Elevate Your Offerings within OLB? Check Out Layout 2!

Looking for New Ways to Elevate Your Offerings within OLB?  Check Out Layout 2!

Credit unions interested in elevating their offerings with an enhanced and feature-rich version of It’s Me 247 Desktop have the option to select It’s Me 247 Desktop: Layout 2 as an upgraded product with a monthly fee.

It’s Me 247 Desktop Layout 2 offers widgets with features that enrich the user experience, such as:

  • List Widget: incorporate links with descriptions for easy navigation.
  • Links Widget: include links with descriptions and icons for enhanced accessibility.
  • Summary Widget: gain an overview of sub-accounts with totals and quick access to a full account summary.
  • Card Widget: conveniently manage access to ATM/debit cards and credit cards (if online with CU*Answers).  Credit card holders can also effortlessly access the Make a Payment module.
  • Customizable Widget: This feature offers you a powerful tool to seamlessly customize text content within Online Banking, giving you full control over even the most intricately woven elements, including those that are not typically configurable within CU*BASE.
  • Loans Widget: easily toggle through loans to view payment amounts, due dates, balances, and make payments seamlessly.
  • Download Cleared Checks Widget: for credit unions using CU*Answers or eDOC as their Item Processor, members can download a date range of checks by placing a Store Order for this product.
  • SavvyMoney Widget: display essential financial information to members on the online banking home screen.  Credit unions can get started with SavvyMoney via the CU*Answers online store.

To get started, place an order via the online store by using the link below.

Visit the Store Page

Have any questions?  Reach out to us at: irsc@cuanswers.com