Payveris Outgoing Checks Operational Issue


Payveris has notified CU*Answers that one of their third-party biller partners, RR Donnelly, has a systems intrusion event delaying check payments.  RR Donnelly announced that check payments beginning Thursday December 23rd have been delayed, and this delay is an ongoing issue.  Outgoing checks will continue to be impacted until this issue is resolved.  Payveris bill payments via electronic networks, P2P services, and services through other check payment processors are unaffected. Payveris and CU*Answers remain engaged and CU*Answers will provide updates in this alert as we know more.

How can I Determine Whether my Members are Affected?

To determine the impact to your credit union, or if a member calls with questions, you can look up their payment in PASS > Search Payments > Biller Network = RR Donnelley.  Please reach out to SettleMINT if you need assistance.

Recommendations from Payveris on Communication with Members

Because end users may be scheduling new check payments at any time, Payveris recommends credit unions communicate to ALL Bill Pay users in your system. However, if credit unions wish to contact specific affected end users, credit unions can find processed payments by going to PASS > Reporting > View Queries > Customer Usage Payment Details > Date Range 12/24/21-Current Date > Run Query, then filter report by Payment Status = Mailed. Note that items have not actually been mailed yet, although they will be. This menu is simply a way to find all check payments for these dates.

Recommendations from Payveris on Affected Check Payments

Payveris has provided the following recommendations for CU*Answers to provide to affected credit unions and their members:

No New Check Payments (if time sensitive).  Payveris is advising against scheduling any new time sensitive check payments via Bill Pay this week, December 28, 2021 through December 31, 2021.  If a member has a check payment scheduled to pay in the December 28-31, 2021 timeframe, recommend the affected member log into online banking or mobile, and go to Bill Pay Home > Pending Payments.  If a member locates one or more check payment(s) to be paid during this time, the member should cancel the item and pay the item through an alternate payment method.

In addition, previously when setting up a check payment the estimated delivery timeline was 5 business days.  Effective today, Payveris has increased this to 8 days to assist with members identifying the longer time it will take for the check to arrive at the payee.

Check Payments scheduled to be mailed on December 23, December 24, or December 27.  Payments have been processed on the Payveris platform and will still be printed and mailed when RRD is back up and running. If the member has a time sensitive payment in one of these files, we suggest the member should find an alternate payment method (e.g., personal check, P2P).  Members should contact the credit union to place a stop payment on the check number generated within Bill Pay.

Note:  The Payveris guarantee doesn’t cover stop payment fees and would recommend the credit union waive the stop payment fee for the member.  See below for how CU*Answers can assist with reimbursing stop payment fees.

Check Payments scheduled to be mailed December 23-31 if time sensitive.  Members should edit/cancel the payment within Bill Pay prior to processing time on the scheduled mailing date and find an alternate payment method.

How can CU*Answers Assist with Member Late Fee Reimbursement?

If a member experiences a late fee due to this delay, please reach out to the SettleMINT EFT team here at CU*Answers and we will submit a late fee reimbursement request to Payveris on behalf of your credit union.  You can contact us via email at or by calling 800.327.3478 and asking for SettleMINT EFT.

Additional Information

RR Donnelly has filed a notice with the SEC regarding the systems intrusion.  You can view RR Donnelly’s notice with the SEC here.

If you have further questions, please contact us via email at or by calling 800.327.3478 and asking for SettleMINT EFT.