Presenting the Brute Force BIN Attack Checklist from AuditLink and SettleMINT


On Presidents’ Day 2020 and during the weeks that followed, several CU*Answers clients experienced brute force attacks on their ATM, debit and/or credit card BINs.  The losses suffered were, in some cases, up to six digits.  This prompted Jim Vilker, VP of Professional Services and Heather French, VP of Client Interactions take a deep dive and research how they happened as well as what steps credit unions should consider in order to mitigate these losses.

Together, Jim and Heather released a white paper, which can be viewed here.  They went on to hold their first discussion with credit unions via webinar in July, with a follow-up session that was hosted in December.  Click here to view a recording of the webinar.

Staying engaged as we approach the 1 year mark, Jim and Heather are releasing a new Brute Force BIN Attack Checklist – a PDF copy is attached to this email for your convenience.  This checklist is designed to document what Jim and Heather have learned, and will help you be proactive in monitoring your BINs and detail the proper steps to take if you believe you are experiencing an attack.

Additionally, Jim and Heather will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, February 11th, where they will discuss risk management for debit and credit cards and what credit unions can do to protect themselves.  Click below to register today!

Thursday, February 11th

12:30 – 1:00 PM PT