Recent Changes and Quick Tips for the New Online Banking


Did you notice?  Some nice changes have been made to the new It’s Me 247 recently.  Two of our favorites include:

  • Totals have been added to each savings section (savings, certificates, loans) on the Full Account Summary.
  • If you pick the “deposits” filter in the Advanced Search you’ll now see all types, including ACH deposits, which were inadvertently excluded before.  The same applies to the “withdrawals” filter.

By the way, one of the things we’re noticing is that many members seem to be missing the Full Account Summary feature.  Remember that the home page is just a list of favorite accounts, not the full account summary, which is why it’s not separated into categories and doesn’t include as much info (like loan due dates).  If you scroll to the end of that list and click the Full Account Summary link, you get the list that actually does separate savings, certificates, and loan accounts like the old system did.

We are currently talking about how we could make that feature even more visible, but in the meantime, educating members about how to reduce the number of accounts on their home page might help to make that button appear more front and center.


A big thank you to all of you and your teams.  We have received a lot of great feedback and continue to compile a list of what to tackle next.  We appreciate your input and continued support as we keep working to make this new tool as good as it can be!

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