Reminder: Get Ready for the CU*BASE Data Transfer Tool Change!


With the implementation of the 20.07 CU*BASE release, the current upload (Tool #374) and download (Tool #373) functions will be made obsolete and the existing Tool #1375 Data Transfers (Upload or Download) will become the standard data transfer tool. If you haven’t started using Tool #1375, you may have a bit of housekeeping to do before the release! Don’t Forget: As soon as your credit union receives the 20.07 release, tools #373 and #374 will no longer be available; please review the linked information and create an action plan for a seamless transition.

Database Admins and Security Officers

Be sure to check your tool usage records; if anyone is still using Tools #373 and #374, assign them access to Tool #1375 before the 20.07 release to prevent disruption of their ability to perform data transfers!