Resources to Improve your Credit Union’s Cybersecurity Posture!


NCUA Grants Available to Help Cover Your Costs

NCUA has announced grant programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to assist federally insured, low-income designated credit unions cover the costs associated with moving operations to remote locations.  Qualified credit unions can apply for up to $7,000.  Applications are accepted now through June 26 and are rewarded on a first-come first-serve basis, until the total allocation of $1.5M is reached.  If your credit union qualifies* and is interested, you are encouraged to act soon.

*Details about the NCUA grant can be viewed here.


CU*NorthWest Technical Services can Assist You Throughout the Process

CU*NorthWest Network Services can assist credit unions in the application process by providing a proposal for the required hardware, software, and services to implement an affordable solution to help strengthen cybersecurity and meet your remote workforce needs for today and the next outbreak.

These include:

  • Cybersecurity training program for employees (with integrated staff phish testing)
  • Development of Incident Response plan with testing schedule
  • Managed vulnerability assessment
  • Cybersecurity and ransomware assessments
  • Laptops (with security built-in for the remote workforce and configured for CU*BASE applications)
  • Secure remote access appliance (physical or virtual device with capacity to meet your needs)
  • Managed network services available for internal and remote access users
  • And much more

For more information, contact a Technical Service representative today at 1.866.922.7646 Option 2 or by emailing