This is Not a Drill… You MUST Complete the LegaSuite Upgrade this Week!


After multiple reminders, by now you’re probably tired of hearing about the LegaSuite upgrade.  But unfortunately there are still credit unions with some remaining PCs not yet upgraded.  The 21.10 release you’re getting this weekend requires this upgrade in order for CU*BASE to work properly.  So here are some tips:

  • Remember that you must log in to CU*BASE to update the version shown in Tool #393.  Just launching the icon and getting to the login page isn’t enough.
  • Don’t forget about laptops for people working remotely or those who only occasionally log on.
  • If you have only a couple PCs left that you cannot locate, don’t worry.  The next time they log in, they’ll receive a prompt to enter an administrator password in order to complete the upgrade.

Make sure your IT administrator is available on Monday morning!

With the release this weekend, we’ll be adding a feature so that if you launch CU*BASE and don’t have the right version, you’ll be prompted to enter an administrator password to complete the upgrade then.  So make sure someone from your IT team is ready to help if needed!