Today’s Quick Tip for Managing Your Data Warehouse: Cut Down On the Clutter


We’ve collected questions that have come across the Asterisk Intelligence desk and have put together a series of tips for your organization to manage your Asterisk Intelligence Data Warehouse.  Ongoing attention to data quality and established procedures can help avoid a messy or frustrating database down the road.

Today’s tip: cut the clutter with a query-building trick!  When you build a string query that needs its final output stored in the Data Warehouse, don’t set up every step of the string query to save its output in the DW.  Only set the very last step for output to FILExxDW.  Remember, QUERYxx tables will purge on a regular basis, so the Data Warehouse is best for long-term storage of key custom data tables.

Have questions?  Contact Annalyn Hawkes on the Asterisk Intelligence team at or 800-327-3478 x 870.  The Asterisk Intelligence Data Warehouse is available to customers of CU*Answers.