Today’s Quick Tip for Managing Your Data Warehouse: Delete Old Tables


We’ve collected questions that have come across the Asterisk Intelligence desk and have put together a series of tips for your organization to manage your Asterisk Intelligence Data Warehouse.  Ongoing attention to data quality and established procedures can help avoid a messy or frustrating database down the road.

Today’s tip: go ahead and delete those old tables.  It’s been a couple of months… do you still need that table holding the target audience from last quarter’s marketing campaign?  Maybe if you’re still doing a static pool analysis on that group, but probably not.  Stay ahead of the volume in your Data Warehouse with a monthly review (or bi-weekly, if you have a high volume) to delete non-essential tables.

Have questions?  Contact Annalyn Hawkes on the Asterisk Intelligence team at or 800-327-3478 x 870.  The Asterisk Intelligence Data Warehouse is available to customers of CU*Answers.